“While we worked together on the PNCIMA Initiative, Jodi demonstrated her ability to tackle challenges with a rare combination of technical expertise, creativity and technological know-how. She is an asset to any project.”

Anuradha Rao - Marine Conservation Biologist

“Jodi led many of the David Suzuki Foundation's efforts to make B.C. marine planning happen and to define how to make it successful. She has a magical ability to engage diverse audiences, break down silos and develop effective communications. She continues to be a valued colleague and friend.”

Jeffery Young - Biologist, David Suzuki Foundation

“I worked with Jodi at CPAWS-BC on several initiatives to establish marine protected areas on the BC coast and she has always been thoughtful, driven and passionate - and I don't use that word lightly. I am continually impressed with her creativity and innovation.”

Megan Baker - Cetus Research & Conservation Society

“Having worked with her on projects with the David Suzuki Foundation and CPAWS I can attest to Jodi's diligence, creativity and passion. She is a pleasure to work with and a great addition to any team.”

Jon Frantz - Planner, Ear to the Ground Planning

“I worked with Jodi to produce a marine protected areas scorecard when I worked for Living Oceans Society. Jodi was creative and imaginative, and brought her passion and great sense of humour to help produce a strong tool that illustrated Canada's rank with respect to MPA establishment.”

Kate Ladell

“I worked with Jodi on web communications for both the Big Eddy Project and the PNCIMA initiative. Jodi not only exhibited a desire to learn the technology used to convey information, she was also able to extrapolate on the technical concepts to suggest new ways of tackling problems. Her intelligence and problem-solving prowess along with her infectious passion for marine conservation makes Jodi a invaluable asset to any project.”

Jamie Lubiner - Director, Coverall Crew

“Jodi brings a powerful blend of passion, creativity and smarts to every project she works on.  Social and environmental change isn't just a professional pursuit for Jodi; it speaks to the core of her beliefs and values, which is why she's such an incredible advocate.”

Sutton Eaves - Communications Director, Ecojustice